How to Mask - Options

Regular Password
In the first few keystrokes ReAn makes a determination if the value entered is a theme. If it is NOT a theme, ReAn assumes it to be a regular password and starts masking the field. Your regular passwords are therefore always masked.

Safe Location
While performing authentication from a safe physical location you can use the default option of ReAn. In the default option the type ahead feature shows you the list of options based on the text entered.

Looky Loo
In some cases, it may not be safe to show these options. Some such occassions are when you are performing a screen share or doing a presentation. Don't worry, ReAn has you covered.
Click on the "eye" towards the right of the password box. If you start seeing a "lock"., your options will no longer be displayed in clear text. As you type your text, ReAn will continue to show masked options. Based on length of the masked characters and the last 2 characters, you should be able to pick the right option.
After you select the right option, ReAn will convert it into a password and you can continue to login as always. If you want to take a quick peek at your password, click on the "lock" icon. It will show the password. Click again to make it masked - "locked".

ReAn Master
If you have mastered the tool, you are ready to set ReAn in "Mask by Default" state. In this state, all keystrokes will be masked and the options will be masked as well. The only exception is the last 2 characters.